So, I’m about to write an About Page. Most platforms have such a info page describing what the content is about, something about the author and so on. My experience from sites I try to maintain is that they may take another direction than intended from the beginning. My intentions of this site are sharing code and write notes what I learn about in programming for a mathematics teacher’s needs. The idea to this site was born in conjunction with my orientation in the Python library Matplotlib.

Another aspect is I’m interested in testing different technical solutions for the web. This site is hosted by GitHub and made with the tool Hugo. Due to the content of this site concerns about programming, I thought it is suitable that the hosting is parked at a programming share platform. The posts are written with a standard text editor (mostly Atom) rather than a WYSIWYG environment; the future will tell if I will find it practical and flexible or annoying if things are messed up.

That was a small introduction to the site. Oh, I almost forgot. I am Nikodemus Karlsson, alias magistern. I am a high school teacher1 i in Maths and Physics, and also run

  •, which aims to focus on related things to my teaching subjects.
  •, a personal site, yet not so many posts.
  •, my “laboratory” on Internet, where I host the above sites and a few more services just for fun.

On Twitter, I am Follow @magistern

Follow me there if you like.

  1. Swedish gymnasium ↩︎